Get compensated when your flight is cancelled or delayed

January 9, 2013


Image by Giacomo P.

Just a quick tip. Few people know that they are entitled to get compensated when their flight is delayed. If your flight is more than three hours delayed, you have a legal right to compensation up to 480 £. If its less than three hours, you´re entitled to meals, a drink and communication facilities like telephone […]

Norman Parkinson´s Travel In Style Exhibition in Paris

December 6, 2012


Image by Norman Parkinson

I have always loved the photographs of Norman Parkinson (21 April 1913 – 15 February 1990). The English photographer is regarded as the godfather of fashion photography. His images from India for Vogue magazine are some of my favorites. His images captures a time, when traveling was for the few, and far more glamorous than it is today. Now […]

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

November 13, 2012


Chief Hotel Court_Photo courtesy of the Neon Museum

Is there anything to do in Las Vegas besides gambling, shopping and drinking? Not much, but there is one thing, and its an absolute must if you´re going to Vegas! You must visit the newly opened Neon Museum! The Neon Museum has the largest collection of vintage neon signs in the world, and is a […]

Cure your fear of flying!

September 30, 2012


Clipart by Ron Leishman -

You might find it odd, that someone, who has a travel-blog and obviously loves to travel, is afraid of flying. But I am. Not as afraid as I was 10 years ago, but I still don’t like it. I have now reached a point, where I don’t like take-off, but relax once the plane is in the air. Before it wasn’t like that. Weeks before […]

How to save some serious money on hotels rooms

September 17, 2012



There are many ways to save a little money on hotel-rooms, get room upgrades and perks (check out this blog post on the subject), but to save some serious money, my number one tip is the using the site On priceline you can bid on rooms everywhere in the world and on hotels in all […]

Hollywood Costume exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

September 7, 2012



I love the V&A Museum in London! They always have some interesting exhibitions. This time they are exploring the role costume design play in cinema storytelling with the exhibition Hollywood Costume. The exhibition runs from the 20 of October 2012 – 27 of January 2013. The exhibition includes over a 100 iconic costumes from 1912 […]

Copenhagen Cooking Food Festival 2012

August 24, 2012



Oyster Safari in the port of Copenhagen? Beer-tasting of beers brewed on seaweed? A Cook A Long with famous chefs? Pancakes in the city hall of Copenhagen? Yes! This and much, much more is just a few of the culinary events that will take place during this years Copenhagen Cooking Food Festival! Tonight, Northern Europe’s […]


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